How to Stage a Bathroom When You Sell Your Home in Aspen
When you’re selling your home in Aspen or the surrounding communities, whether it’s a luxury home in Brush Creek Village or a condo in Basalt, your Realtor® is going to talk to you about staging it properly—and that includes places that don’t seem like they need to be set up for potential buyers, like the closet and the master bath.

How to Stage a Master Bath When You Sell a Home in Aspen

It goes without saying that your master bath and every other room in your home must be spotless, but there’s more to showing your house than having it immaculately clean. With that said, though, you’ll want to remove:

  • All of your personal hygiene products (including soap and shampoo in the shower)
  • Cleaning products
  • Your scale

When that’s done, empty out your cupboards and drawers so they’re only half to two-thirds full. You want to show off how much space is available in your bathroom (even if you normally use all of it). Store little items, like hair bands, in attractive boxes or baskets with lids.
Once that’s done, invest in a brand-new set of towels that you’ll only put out when your home is being photographed or when potential buyers come to see it. Choose thick, textured towels for the best effect (and don’t wash them before you put them out!), whether you’re picking a pristine white or a bright, vibrant hue.
If you have extra space in your bathroom, add a basket with rolled towels to create a spa-like atmosphere.
Group other bath-type accessories on the counter, such as fragrant soaps, natural loofahs, and candles. These items look fantastic on a wooden tray in odd numbers. Add a beautiful plant or a single flower in a vase to add elegance.

Are You Selling Your Home in Aspen?

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