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If you’re like many people who move to Aspen, you love the great year-round outdoor activities… and now that spring is in full swing (kind-of), it’s time to dust off your hiking boots and hit the trails.

Where to Hike in Aspen

You’ll find several trailheads in and near Aspen, and you can spend days exploring the pristine natural beauty of the Rockies while you’re out there.

Hunter Creek Trail

Hunter Creek Trail is one of the more popular trails located right in town. The trailhead begins near the apartments on Lone Pine Road, and the hike is a gradual, uphill climb that meanders up the creek toward Hunter Valley.

Rio Grande Trail

The Rio Grande Trail is a mixed-use trail for hiking and biking. The first 2 miles of the trail are paved, which makes for a pleasant afternoon stroll; the remainder of the trail, after you cross Cemetery Road, is not paved.

Smuggler Trail

Hiking, running and mountain biking are favorite pastimes along Smuggler Trail. It’s just 1.5 miles, but it includes some of the best views of Aspen. You can use Smuggler Trail to access Hunter Creek Trail or keep going after the trail ends to get to Warren Lakes.

Sunnyside Trail

Sunnyside Trail is always an adventure—and it’s rated Moderate to Difficult, so don’t attempt it unless you’re a skilled hiker. With plenty of switchbacks and more than a handful of spurs that can put you off course, it’s the kind of trail that almost requires you to pack a map. It’s 6.3 miles on a one-way trip, but you can take it to the Hunter Creek Trail and keep going after Sunnyside ends.

Ute Trail

A steady, uphill climb, Ute Trail is considered a difficult hike because although it’s only 0.9 miles long, you’ll gain 1,000 vertical feet. One of the best views of Aspen is at the rock outcropping on Ute Trail.

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