What’s a CMA?

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If you’re selling a home in Aspen or one of the surrounding communities, it’s a good idea to talk to a Realtor® who can give you a comparative market analysis, or CMA. But what is a CMA, and why do you need one? What is a CMA? A comparative market analysis, which most people refer [...]

First-Time Seller? Here’s How to Price Your House

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If you’re a first-time home-seller, you probably have several questions about the process, how long it takes, and how much money you’ll make on the sale of your home. Your Realtor® is here to walk you through the answers to all those questions, whether you’re selling a cozy condo in Aspen or  a spacious luxury [...]

Should You Hire an Appraiser Before You Sell Your Home in Aspen?

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When you sell your home, you’re going to have it appraised—the buyer’s lender is most likely going to require an independent appraisal. But should you hire your own appraiser before you put your home on the market? Probably not—and here’s why. Should You Hire an Appraiser Before You Sell? Unless your home is so unique [...]