should you hire an appraiser before you sell your home in Aspen
When you sell your home, you’re going to have it appraised—the buyer’s lender is most likely going to require an independent appraisal.
But should you hire your own appraiser before you put your home on the market?
Probably not—and here’s why.

Should You Hire an Appraiser Before You Sell?

Unless your home is so unique (really, as in one-in-a-billion) that your Realtor can’t create a comparative market analysis, it’s rarely necessary to hire an appraiser before you sell. Remember, the market dictates how much a home is worth; the number of buyers and sellers who want to exchange homes is one of the biggest factors that determines asking price and selling price.

Why You Need a CMA

Your Realtor® will put together a comparative market analysis, or CMA, to help you price your home. Pricing a home is one part math, one part market knowledge, and one part lender knowledge. Your agent needs to strike a balance between how much the home is worth, what a buyer would be willing to pay for it, and what a lender will find appropriate for the home in that particular market at that particular time.

Are You Selling Your Home in Aspen?

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