The Ultimate Home Walk-Through Checklist for Aspen Homebuyers
Buying a home for sale in Aspen is exciting – but trying to find the perfect one can be a little bit overwhelming. Use this walk-through checklist for touring Aspen homes to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Walk-Through Checklist for Touring Aspen Homes for Sale

This walk-through checklist, which you can download here, covers all your bases in each room of the homes you’re about to tour. Simply go down the list and check out each suggested feature to make sure it meets your needs.

Walk-Through Checklist: Exterior

The home’s exterior is the first thing (and the last) that you’ll see, so take your time and walk around. Look for:

  • Landscaping
    • Does it appear to be high-maintenance?
    • Is the yard private?
  • Gutters
    • How old do they look?
    • Do they appear to be functioning well?
    • Are there puddles or erosion near the downspouts?
  • Exterior paint or siding
    • Is the paint or siding on south-facing walls faded or damaged?
    • How old is the siding, or when was the home last painted?
  • Roof
    • Does the roof have visibly cracked, damaged or missing shingles?
    • Are there damp spots, characterized by algae or moss growth, on the roof?
  • Front porch
    • Is the concrete or brick on the front porch in good repair?
    • Are the steps well-maintained, and is there a railing?
    • Does the front door have adequate security?

Walk-Through Checklist: Foyer

The foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house. Ask yourself:

  • Is the foyer large enough to greet guests?
  • Is the foyer’s layout convenient, or is it cramped by a staircase or another feature?

Walk-Through Checklist: Kitchen

If you’re like most people, the kitchen is the hub of your home. Take your time in the kitchen, and check the:

  • Appliances
    • Are they new?
    • Are they energy efficient?
    • Are they visibly damaged?
    • Are they large enough for you to comfortably use?
  • Cabinets and drawers
    • Are the cabinets spacious enough?
    • Is there a pantry for extra storage?
    • Do you like the finish on the cabinets, and is it professionally done?
    • Are the drawers deep enough?
    • Are there enough drawers?
    • Is there room to store large and oddly-shaped pots and pans?
  • Countertops
    • Are the countertops in good repair?
    • Do you like the finish on the countertops, and does it match the rest of the space?
  • Sink
    • What is the water pressure like?
    • Is the faucet modern, or does it offer additional features (like touchless operation or a removable head)?
    • Is the sink chipped, scratched or otherwise damaged (including the grout)?
  • Flooring
    • Are the floors in good shape?
    • Do the flooring materials match the rest of the kitchen?

>>>Download Your Walk-Through Checklist Here<<<

Walk-Through Checklist: Living Room

Most people spend quite a bit of time in the living room, so as you’re touring Aspen homes, make sure that you evaluate:

  • Flooring
    • Does it have carpet, and if it does, is it in good shape?
    • How old are the flooring materials?
    • Are the flooring materials in good condition, or would you be more comfortable if they were in better shape?
    • Are there rugs that may be covering creaky spots, stains or other issues?
  • Layout
    • Are you comfortable with the living room’s layout?
    • Is there enough room to entertain?
    • Can you fit all your furnishings in the space?
    • Is there a fireplace or something that may require additional maintenance?
  • Walls
    • Is there visible damage to the walls, or is there an oddly-placed piece of art that could be covering damage?
    • Do the walls appear to have professionally painted surfaces, and are you happy with the color?
    • Is there a wall-mounted TV that would require the owner to repair the walls before you take ownership?
  • Windows
    • Are the windows built in such a way that the sun would come into the room appropriately, or would the glare disrupt your TV habits or guests?
    • Do all the windows open and close easily?
    • Are the screens damaged, torn or missing?

Walk-Through Checklist: Dining Room

Many homes have a formal dining room, but if the one you’re touring doesn’t, apply these questions to the breakfast nook or whatever other space is designated as a dining room:

  • Is there enough room for all your furniture?
  • Are there windows that will let in natural light?
  • Are the light fixtures modern or outdated?

Walk-Through Checklist: Bathrooms

Regardless of the number of bathrooms in a home you’re touring, these are the things to watch for:

  • Storage space
    • Where is the storage space located?
    • Is there enough storage space for your needs?
  • Tubs, toilets and showers
    • Are there any visible leaks?
    • What do these surfaces look like? Are there calcium or rust stains?
    • Is everything conveniently placed, or will you struggle to fit into the shower because the commode is in the way?
    • Is the water pressure adequate?
  • Flooring
    • Does the flooring look old or in bad repair?
    • Are the flooring materials appropriate for the room?
  • Sink, vanity and cabinets
    • Is there enough lighting around the vanity?
    • Is there storage space in the cabinets?
    • Do you see any evidence of water damage beneath the sink?
    • How is the water pressure?
    • Is the drain plug operational?

Walk-Through Checklist: Bedrooms

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so the bedrooms where you choose to catch your Zs should be up to par. When you go through the bedrooms on home tours, look at these features:

  • Layout and space
    • Is the room large enough for your bedroom set?
    • Where is the room located in the house – is it close to a busy hub, like the kitchen or living room, or are all the bedrooms grouped together?
    • Are the windows large enough to bring in adequate (or too much) natural light?
    • Are there ceiling fans?
    • Are there additional amenities, such as a fireplace?
  • Flooring
    • What are the flooring materials made from?
    • Is the floor in good condition, or are there stains, scratches and other issues?
    • Are there rugs on the floor that could be covering damage?
    • Does the floor creak?
    • Is there an ensuite bathroom?
  • Closets
    • Is the closet easy to get to?
    • Is there enough room in the closet for all your belongings?
    • Is there a storage system built into the closet for easy organization?
    • Is the attic entrance in the closet, and if it is, is it easily accessible?

Make sure you download a copy of this checklist (you can do so here) to bring it with you as you tour homes. If you’d like, you can take notes on the additional space it provides, either through your smart device or by printing out several copies and bringing it with you as you tour.
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