When you’re selling a home in Aspen, it’s important that it’s spotless – you want buyers to see that the whole space is clean and easy to maintain. But deep-cleaning a house takes quite a bit of time, so if you can’t hire professional cleaners to tackle the job before you list your home, use these 21 kitchen deep-cleaning tricks to get started.

21 Kitchen DeepCleaning Tricks to Use When You’re Selling Your Home

Check out these 21 kitchen deep-cleaning tricks to keep your space sparkling while it’s on the market.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #1: Put Away All the Dishes

Before you dive into your kitchen’s deep-clean, wash and put away all your dishes. You need the dishwasher empty, anyway.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #2: Wipe Down All the Countertops

Don’t start your deep-cleaning until you’ve cleared off and wiped down all your countertops. You’ll need a clean space on them when you’re working on your cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #3: Take Out Everything That Doesn’t Belong in the Kitchen

Go through the room and take out everything that doesn’t belong. That includes bills in the drawers (and for that matter, nearly everything in the junk drawer). Find all these stray items new homes – the kitchen isn’t it.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #4: Take All the Food Out of Your Pantry and Cupboards

Check the labels on everything and make sure there’s nothing expired. If anything is expired, toss it. While you’re there, check for things you know your family will never use – that can of beans or corned beef hash you kept meaning to cook probably isn’t going to make it to your dinner table, so consider making a donation at your local food bank.


Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #5: Wipe Down Every Shelf With Cleaning Solution

Whether you use soap, bleach or something else, wipe down every shelf and the inside of the cabinet with your favorite cleaning solution.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #6: Organize the Food as You Put it Away

When you put your food back in the pantry or cupboards, organize it so like items are together. You don’t have to alphabetize, but you do need to make sure the labels are facing the same way and that similar items are together (soups with soups, pastas with pastas – you get the picture). Put your oldest items in front so you don’t end up creating more waste later.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #7: Empty Your Refrigerator

Do the same thing you did with your cabinets: Put all the food on the counter, clean the shelves and cubbies, and put everything back in an organized way. (Don’t do your freezer at the same time, though – you’ll unnecessarily rush.)


Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #8: Get that Freezer

Ditto on the freezer – empty it all out and wipe down the shelves. If your shelves have frozen spills, run them under hot water for a quicker cleaning.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #9: Wipe Down the Counters Again

There’s a good chance that you need to wipe down your countertops again, so give it a go before you move on to the next step.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #10: Pull Out Pans, Plates and Cups

Take everything out of your storage cupboards and wipe down the inner surfaces (including inside the door). Put everything back neatly – mug handles facing the same direction – and in an organized way. Buyers can, and will, open your cabinets to see how much space is inside.

Pro Tip: If you find items you haven’t used in six months or more, consider donating them – or at least putting them in storage until you move into your new home. You want to show buyers that there’s plenty of cupboard space in your home.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #11: Change Your Drawers

Give your drawers the same treatment you gave your pantry, refrigerator, freezer and storage cupboards.


Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #12: Wipe Down Appliances’ Surfaces

Wipe down the surface of every appliance in your kitchen, including the range hood and top of your refrigerator. If your stove’s burner plates are in bad shape, replace them. Get the light fixtures, too!

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #13: Run a Self-Clean on Your Dishwasher

Check your dishwasher’s user manual to learn how to run a self-cleaning cycle. If there’s no manual – or if you don’t have a self-cleaning cycle – then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the filter, utensil holders and dishwasher racks.
  2. Place a bowl of white distilled vinegar on the floor of your dishwasher.
  3. Run the dishwasher on a hot water cycle.
  4. Remove the bowl (after the cycle ends) and sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the dishwasher’s floor.
  5. Run another hot water cycle.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #14: Use Glass Cleaner on Your Countertops

Scrub your countertops clean, then use glass cleaner to make them shine. (Naturally, you should only do this if your stone countertop is sealed or you have the type of countertop that’s safe for glass cleaner.)

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #15: Polish Wood Cabinet Doors With Furniture Polish

If your cabinet doors are made from wood, polish them with furniture polish to make them shine.


Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #16: Scour Your Sink

Use a gentle but effective powdered cleaner – or a special cleaner made for stainless steel – to scour your sink and get it as clean as possible.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #17: Wipe Down Your Sink With Glass Cleaner

Wipe your faucets and the rest of your sink with glass cleaner to remove spots and make it sparkle.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #18: Sweep and Mop the Floor

Pull out your appliances to sweep and mop the entire floor. If you can’t move your appliances, that’s okay – reach what you can.


Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #19: Steam-Clean Your Kitchen Floors

Rent a tile steam cleaner from your local home improvement store and use it on your kitchen floors. (You should also use it in your bathrooms when you’re finished.)

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #20: Wash Throw Rugs

If you have rugs on your kitchen floors, wash them. If they’ve seen better days, it may be a better idea to get rid of them. Don’t replace them until you move into your new home.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Tip #21: Wash the Walls

Wash all the walls and light switch plates in your kitchen using paint-safe cleaners. Look for particularly soiled spots and give them special attention – and if it’s been a while since your kitchen has seen a fresh coat of paint, consider hiring a professional.

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