Are You a Rational Seller?

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If you’re selling your home in Aspen, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, or Woody Creek, you know that you’re going to receive offers on it. They might not be the offers you want, but no matter what, you have to remain rational if you expect to sell your home. Are You a Rational Seller? Your Aspen Realtor® [...]

Long-Term Leaves: Should You Sell Your Home?

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There are myriad reasons that homeowners have to leave home for an extended period of time. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to take off and travel the world indefinitely; maybe your work obligations are sending you elsewhere long-term. Like most homeowners in this position, you’re probably wondering whether you should pack up and sell your house—or [...]

How to Get Your Home Ready for an Appraisal

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If you’re selling your home in Aspen, you know that some point it’s going to need to be ready for an appraisal. For many people, having an appraisal is nerve wracking. It’s almost as if your home is being judged—well, it is—but it’s a necessary step in the process. So how can you make the [...]