3 Maintenance Tasks to Tackle Before You Sell
When you’re selling your home in Aspen, make sure you keep up with these three essential maintenance tasks.

3 Maintenance Tasks to Tackle Before You Sell

These maintenance jobs are must-do items on your list before you call a real estate agent to sell your home:

  • Keep up with the landscaping
  • Check the gutters and your roof
  • Make sure your windows sparkle

Let’s take a better look at each task.

Maintenance Task #1: Keep up with the landscaping.

Your landscaping has to look great, no matter what season it is. That’s because when interested buyers find your home listed online, they’ll often drive by to check out the neighborhood. That’s when they form their first impression of your home, which means you have to wow them with a neat yard and maintained walkways.

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Maintenance Task #2: Check the gutters and your roof.

Your gutters should be clean – not just because they look better when they’re not overflowing with leaves and debris, but also because clean gutters can do their jobs. A gutter’s main job is to protect your roof from water overflow and direct heavy amounts of rain away from your foundation.

Maintenance Task #3: Make sure your windows sparkle.

Back to where prospective buyers will drive by your home before they call to set an appointment to see it: Your windows have to look great – and if they don’t, buyers will notice. Invest in a professional window cleaning or climb up on a ladder and do it yourself; either way, the outsides and insides of your windows need to sparkle when you’re selling your home.
The reason these maintenance tasks are so important isn’t so that buyers will notice them – it’s because they certainly will notice them if you don’t tackle them before you list your house for sale.

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