3 Things You Should Fix Before Your Buyer Hires a Home Inspector
If you’re selling a home in Aspen, your buyer is going to hire a home inspector to check things out – and it’s in your best interest to fix these three things before that happens.

3 Things You Should Fix Before Your Buyer Hires a Home Inspector

Check out these three things you should fix before your buyer hires a home inspector:

  1. Roof problems
  2. Windows and doors
  3. Your Home’s HVAC system

If you leave these things broken – or not working at their best capacity – there’s a good chance that they’ll turn up in the home inspection. That means your buyers will have some additional negotiation leverage to use. They may use the issues to talk you down in price, but at the very least, they’ll ask you to repair the problems before they’ll agree to buy your home. That means it’s in your best interest to fix the issues before an inspector discovers them.

#1 Thing to Fix Before Your Buyer Hires a Home Inspector: Roof Problems

Most roofing companies are happy to provide free annual roof inspections, so if it’s been a while since a professional climbed up on your roof and checked things out, you should schedule an appointment as soon as you can. 
Your roof inspector will look for things like cracked or missing shingles and roof tiles, as well as for serious problems like leaks. If the inspector discovers any issues, it’s in your best interest to repair them before your house hits the market; that way, buyers won’t come back and ask you to take tens of thousands of dollars (the cost of a new roof) off your asking price.
Even better, your REALTOR® can mention that your roof has been recently inspected and repaired to buyers’ agents – and you can provide a receipt for all work that’s been done to give buyers an extra measure of confidence.
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#2 Thing to Fix Before Your Buyer Hires a Home Inspector: Windows and Doors

Home inspectors are paid to check all kinds of things inside homes – including windows and doors. A good inspector will open and close every last window and door in your home to make sure that they’re all fully functional – and they’ll look at the locks, check the glass for cracks, and ensure the seals are blocking out drafts. Most inspectors will even check the tracks to make sure that windows open smoothly.
If you know you have a problem with a window or door, fix it before an inspector comes. Doors and windows that stick shut or won’t open easily can be a sign of foundation damage. That means you can bet that if an inspector mentions those things on an inspection report, buyers will start to wonder about your home’s foundation.
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#3 Thing to Fix Before Your Buyer Hires a Home Inspector: HVAC System

In Aspen, you certainly need a working home heating system – and you should have your HVAC system serviced by a professional before you list your house. Your HVAC pro will let you know if there are any issues within the system that you need to fix, and you’ll be able to tell prospective buyers that you just had the unit repaired if necessary.
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