Aspen residents are not only proud of its beauty—they are appreciative of the town’s promotion of living sustainably and keeping active. If this sounds like your dream come true and you’re thinking of purchasing a new home in the area, be sure to check out our Aspen homes for sale.

Bike Sharing in Aspen

If you need to get around Aspen, why not try bike sharing? Bike sharing programs allow riders to get from point A to point B by renting, riding and returning bikes on a short-term basis. This program allows bicycles to become modes of transportation around cities, versus being just recreational. Bike sharing helps cities and towns become eco-friendlier, and allows residents and visitors to be active.

We-Cycle in Aspen

Each day, numbers of Aspen residents and visitors take advantage of We-Cycle, which launched its program in 2013. We-Cycle continues to expand throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, and more cities are looking to hop on board. Through a series of self-service stations, riders can check out up to two bicycles per pass to ride around town. 24-hour, 3-day and season passes can be purchased depending how often the cyclist thinks they will use it.
We-Cycle carries a number of bikes that are meant to be used for short trips only. The bike rentals are limited to 30-minute increments before having to return it to a self-service station. If you go over your time, there are overtime charges you should take note of. If you’re planning on an all day excursion—We-Cycle suggests that you rent a bicycle from a “normal” bike rental facility.
From running errands to catching a meeting across town, We-Cycle allows you to get where you need to go—without having to worry about parking spaces or finding somewhere to lock your bike up. You simply return it to the station closest to your destination, and rent another one for your trip back.
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