Average Return on Investment for Home Remodeling Projects
If you’re thinking about remodeling your home in Aspen, you’re probably wondering how much cash you can earn back at the closing table. Here’s a quick run-down on the average return on investment for the most common home renovations.

Average Return on Investment for Home Remodeling Projects

While your actual return on investment will vary based on several factors, these are averages you can expect. As always, you should talk to your Realtor® if you’re planning to renovate your home to sell it. Remember, too, that these are nationwide values – things are a little different in Aspen.

Project Average Cost Average Value at Sale Return on Investment
New garage door $3,470 $3,411 98.3%
Stone veneer $8,221 $7,986 97.1%
Wood deck addition $10,950 $9,065 82.8%
Minor kitchen remodel $21,198 $17,193 81.1%
Siding replacement $15,072 $11,554 76.7%
Window replacement $15,955 $11,855 70.1%
Minor bathroom remodel $16,393 $11,581 69.5%

In most cases, it’s better to replace or repair your existing items than to remodel. Make sure your roof is in great shape, your siding is in good repair, and that your deck isn’t falling down – buyers would rather invest in those things than updated kitchens.

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