Caring for Stone Flooring in Your New Aspen Home
If you’re buying a home for sale in Aspen that has stone flooring, here’s how to care for it.

Caring for Stone Flooring in Your New Aspen Home

Taking good care of your stone flooring ensures that it’ll last as long as possible – and it’s a way to protect your investment.

  • Dirt is abrasive and can damage your floor
  • Damp mopping is the way to go
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners

Dirt on Your Floors

Dirt and sand are really abrasive, and they can scratch away your floor’s sealant and polish. If you see dirt or sand, sweep or vacuum it away immediately.


Look for a pH-neutral soap that’s safe for use on stone flooring. Detergents made for porcelain or ceramic can be abrasive.


Harsh cleaners, when it comes to stone flooring, include anything with acids in it – and anything with abrasives.

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