If you’re in the market for a new Aspen home and have children, you may be wondering if it would be more practical to move at the end of the school year. Like many parents, you’re probably thinking that transitioning to a new school mid-year will overwhelm your children and cause major anxiety—but it doesn’t have to be that way.
There may be several reasons you are considering a move during the school year and some may be more difficult to control. If your job is requesting that you relocate (and quickly), you may be obligated to do so. While children often believe that it’s easy to find another job, we all know that’s not always the case. You’ll have to determine what is best for your family and leave the financial decisions to the adults.

Preparing Your Kids for a Mid-Year Move

Let’s face it: moving is stressful for the whole family. Preparing your child for a move mid-year can be tough, but sometimes the rate of speed in which it happens can be beneficial. Children are resilient and make friends fast. Going to school each day gives them a chance to be social, and it also provides them an opportunity to sign up for sports, clubs and other after school activities. Jumping right in allows them a chance to meet children their age, instead of spending the summer alone in a new town.
Before you pack up the last box, be sure you allow your children to say goodbye to their friends. If you’re moving far, let your children know they can keep in touch and, if it’s possible, visit. Plan fun activities for their departure, so there will not be much time between bidding farewell to their old friends and saying hello to the new.

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