This is the fourth post in a series about decorating your home with feng shui. You can also read the introduction to feng shui, learn about the five elements and read about the bagua.

What Are Feng Shui “Cures”?

Feng shui teaches that there are several “cures” you can use to improve your life. These include things like aquariums, crystals, fountains, clocks and more. Some of the most popular feng shui “cures” include:

  • Aquariums, which are supposed to attract wealth and prosperity
  • Candles, which are supposed to “warm up” the energy in your space
  • Dragon Turtles, which are supposed to attract wealth, abundance and good luck
  • Gem trees, which are used for wealth and health.

Feng shui has a lot to do with colors, too. The colors are supposed to be associated with the five elements.
Stay tuned for our next post on feng shui about clearing clutter.

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