Fishing in the Roaring Fork River
Whether you’re looking for a luxury home in Aspen, a ranch in Basalt, or a condo in Snowmass, you’ll be happy to discover that fishing in the Roaring Fork River is better than ever.

Fishing in the Roaring Fork River: What Can You Catch?

Colorado’s Roaring Fork River, which drains into the much larger Colorado River, is a high-altitude, relatively cool body of water. During most of the year, this river offers good fishing prospects, both because of the fish that can be found in it and because of the natural beauty of the scenery that surrounds it. Here are a few of the species you’re likely to tie into while fishing the Roaring Fork River.

Rainbow Trout

One of the best species to catch in the Roaring Fork is rainbow trout. Anglers love this fish for the exciting fight it puts up, as well as for its flavor when cooked. If you’re looking for a great dinner, fresh-caught rainbow trout is hard to beat.

Mountain Whitefish

In some parts of the Roaring Fork, you’ll find mountain whitefish. These fish are less common than the various trout species, but are great fun to catch. Mountain whitefish are bottom feeders, so most anglers prefer a nymphing rig when targeting them.

Brook Trout

Brook trout are another of the prize catches of the Roaring Fork, which offers the clear, cool water they prefer. Brook trout are most prevalent in the upper portions of the river, where the water is coldest.

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