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If you’re like many people, you know that buying a home near a school can have a major impact on long-term property values – but is living near a school the right choice for you? This guide can help you decide.

Should You Buy a House Near a School?

School’s in session for about 180 days a year, which means that there will be buses, kids walking on the sidewalks, and school bells ringing early in the morning – and even if the school isn’t in your line of sight from the living room, these things will likely affect you. That means you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home near a school before you dive in with both feet.
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Advantages of Living Near a School

There are plenty of advantages of living near a school, particularly if you have children who will attend. They’ll be able to walk to school, for example, and if they forget something, you’ll be near enough to get it there. Other advantages to living near a school include:

  • Highly rated schools typically mean higher resale values on properties in the area
  • Safety is a priority at school, and that means the streets will be more heavily policed for speeders in mornings and afternoons, and there will likely be resource officers in the school
  • Neighborhoods near schools tend to attract parents with children who attend that school, so kids are likely to have plenty of playmates in the area
  • There’s likely a track, playground, basketball court and other amenities nearby that kids are allowed to use when school isn’t in session

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Disadvantages of Living Near a School

Many people consider these disadvantages to living near a school:

  • The streets are busy before and after school, and traffic may be heavy
  • Speed limits may be lowered while students are going to and from school
  • Sports practices, games, dances and extracurriculars can extend the congestion on the streets (and even cause it to spill over into weekends)
  • Noise levels may be higher than what you expect, particularly during school days (recess, PA announcements and lunch can reverberate through your neighborhood)
  • It can be harder to sell a home near a school, although homes near highly rated schools tend to sell for higher prices
  • Kids often cut across yards, loiter and even trespass when they’re going to and from school, or when school lets out
  • If the school is poorly rated (or becomes poorly rated in the future), or if the district stops using the building in favor of a newer one, your property value can decline

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Is Buying Near a School Right for You?

Location is incredibly important, and whether you buy a home near a school depends on your personal preference. The schools in and near Aspen include:

  • Aspen Elementary
  • Aspen Middle School
  • Aspen High School
  • Aspen Academy
  • Aspen Valley Campus
  • Aspen Christian School
  • Aspen Ridge Preparatory School
  • Aspen View Academy
  • Aspen Community Charter School

If you’re interested in living near one of these schools, talk to your Aspen REALTOR®. Though REALTORS can’t tell you whether a school is “good” or “bad,” your agent will help you find the right home in the school zone you want. (And you can do plenty of your own research to form an opinion on a school’s quality through the Colorado Department of Education.)

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