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For many people, buying a home is one of the largest investments they’ll make in their lives. This can make it a stressful time for anyone—whether you’re buying a home or selling.
If you’re preparing to sell a home in Aspen, you’ll want to prepare a full disclosure of every problem you know about the home and property. It’s best to have this document ready before you receive an offer, so you can provide it to your buyer upon acceptance. The law requires home sellers in Colorado to disclose everything they know about their property for sale.

Full Disclosure Helps Buyers and Sellers

Full disclosure of any issues benefits the buyer for obvious reasons. Homebuyers are making a big investment; the more they know about the home they’re considering, the more easily they can decide whether to go through with the purchase.
Proper disclosure will help the home seller, as well. Savvy buyers always order a professional inspection of the home after their offer is accepted. As a seller, you don’t want an inspection to reveal problems you haven’t been up front about—it can cost you the sale.

Hidden Problems With the Property

In some cases, there may be an issue (or impending problem) with your home for sale that you are not aware of. By providing a comprehensive disclosure document, you’ll have some protection if the buyer discovers an issue shortly after the sale. It’s much more plausible to demonstrate that you weren’t aware of a particular issue if you were fully honest about everything you were aware of at the time of the sale.

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