What Happens After You Accept an Offer On Your Home
After you accept an offer on your home, there’s a whole process that begins.
So what happens next?

What Happens After You Accept an Offer On Your Home?

Once you accept an offer, it’s time to celebrate – but don’t get too excited, because there’s still an entire process to go through that includes:

  • The buyer’s inspector
  • Deciding whether to make concessions
  • Waiting for closing day

The Buyer’s Inspector

The buyer will most likely hire a home inspector to come out and check up on the house. The inspector will look at everything, including the home’s major systems, its structure, and everything that’s supposed to be working.

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Deciding Whether to Make Concessions

Sometimes the home inspector uncovers issues that the buyer will use to negotiate with you. It’s up to you to decide whether they’re worth it. If there are plenty of offers waiting in the wings, your real estate agent may advise you to move on to the next – but if there aren’t, you might want to make the concessions just to sell your home. Don’t make any big decisions without talking to your agent, though – you don’t want to make a mistake that costs you in the long run.

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Waiting for Closing Day

Closing day is typically 30 to 60 days after you accept an offer. While it’s a pain to wait, it’s worth it – and besides, you can use that time to pack.

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