Writing an Offer Letter - Not Like This, You're Not
If you’re using an offer letter in hopes of enticing a seller to choose your offer over someone else’s, it could really give you an advantage – but if you write it the wrong way, it could actually harm your chances. Here are three things you should never say in an offer letter.

Writing an Offer Letter? Not Like This, You’re Not

Talk to your REALTOR® about writing an offer letter – she may tell you that it’s a great idea. Then, get to work… but don’t make these three mistakes:

  1. Telling sellers about improvements you’ll make to the home
  2. Tipping your hand
  3. Including too much personal information

Here’s a closer look at each.

Offer Letter Mistake #1: Telling Sellers About Improvements You’ll Make

A lot of sellers really love their homes – it’s pretty rare to find a seller who says, “I hate this place and can’t wait to get out of here.” But even if the seller you’re dealing with does hate the home, you don’t want to point out improvements you’ll make when you buy. You might insult the seller, or worse, come off as a bit on the snotty side; either way, you could hurt your chances of winning acceptance.

Offer Letter Mistake #2: Tipping Your Hand

Don’t let the seller know that you’d do anything to buy his or her home. You could damage your negotiating power if you do that, and it could cause the seller to reject your offer in hopes that it’ll spark a bidding war.

Offer Letter Mistake #3: Including Too Much Personal Information

Your offer letter should be short, sweet and straight to the point. You don’t need to include your life story (although if you have a touching bit to add, like “I spent many hours as a child sitting in front of a bay window just like that,” it can make a nice, personal touch) or all your future plans. Instead, compliment the home and say that you hope the seller will consider your offer.

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