You’ve been staring at the plain wall behind your bed for a while now. It’s the biggest wall in the room, and aside from backing your bed against it, you have no idea about how to dress it up. Think about these two ways to decorate that wall, which we’ve curated and highlighted from Homes & Gardens magazine.

Create a Gallery Wall

Here’s a chance to do something with all of those digital photos you may have floating around in the cloud. Print them out and transform the blank canvas behind your bed into a photo gallery accent wall.  To achieve the look mount your photos into frames that are of different sizes—with the same finish—to create a cohesive design that fills your wall and complements your bedroom décor. A collection of black-and-white photos can create a timeless look.
For a more organic design consider mounting your photos without frames.

Apply a Wall Decal

Wall decals come in a wide variety of styles, from simple patterns all the way to sophisticated art, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personal tastes. If you’re more interested in phrases than images, like a timeless mantra, an inspirational quote, or if you want to post your own unique saying, you’ll be able to do it with decals.
You’ll also find decals in the form of video game characters and TV personalities, which can make them perfect for children’s rooms, nurseries, home theaters, or maybe even a bland laundry room—get the kids interested in washing their clothes. 
Decals aren’t difficult to hang. They’re applied just like wallpaper, so air bubbles should be smoothed out. Before you buy one, though, be sure to measure your wall and verify the dimensions of the decal to avoid purchasing one that’s too small, or too large.