You’ve been looking for ways to wake up the design in your bedroom, and that blank wall behind your bed has been hitting the snooze button for far too long. Consider these three ways to spice up that wall, which we’ve curated and summarized from Homes & Gardens magazine.

Hang a Wallpaper Mural

A mural is any kind of artwork that’s painted or applied directly to your walls or ceiling. If you’re like most people you probably don’t have the artistic inclination to paint directly onto your walls, but a wallpaper mural is the ideal alternative.
Murals offer lots of ways to make a statement on your bedroom wall. You can be ushered into slumber with a calm sky or a sunset, a tranquil forest scene, or a delicate floral design. Or, you may opt for a serene sweeping landscape to carry you off to sleep.
While you could commission an artist to hand paint a mural, there are plenty of online retailers that offer a plethora of wallpaper mural designs, and many even give you the option to design your own mural for your space.

Create a Faux Headboard Using Wallpaper

If you want a wallpaper treatment that’s not as dramatic as a mural, you can accent your empty wall using a traditional wallpaper design that complements the look of your room. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard you can use the empty wall to create a faux headboard by hanging wallpaper within the footprint of a typical headboard, and outlining the perimeter of the wallpaper using pieces of wall trim to create the illusion of furniture.

Hang a Tapestry

You can surround yourself in cozy luxury by hanging a beautiful tapestry above your bed in a style of your choosing. Not only can a tapestry transform a boring wall into a stylish focal point, it can also help cut down on the chill of a drafty room—which was one of its purposes in castles during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. During those times these pieces of art were often woven to represent coats of arms and other symbols of authority, making them not only beautiful, but multifunctional.