3 Best Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter - Buy a Home in Aspen, CO
If you’re cooped up in the house (and you’re not out looking at Aspen homes for sale because you’re waiting for spring), winter can start to drag out a little.
But you know what’ll brighten the next couple of months before spring hits?
A handful of spectacular houseplants that keep your indoor air quality high… and that require very little extra work on your part.

3 Best Houseplants for Winter

There are dozens of great houseplants to help you through these last couple months of winter, but three really stand out: the Boston fern, the rubber plant, and peace lilies.

Boston Ferns

The Boston fern removes more formaldehyde from living spaces than any other plant does—and they tackle benzene and xylene, which are components of gasoline exhaust that can waft inside from the garage.
It doesn’t take much to keep a Boston fern happy; just mist its leaves between watering and make sure you’re fertilizing it each month during the winter (you’ll have to fertilize it weekly during spring and summer).

Rubber Plants

A rubber plant will do quite nicely in a low-light environment. It, like the Boston fern, removes formaldehyde from your air.
Rubber plants can get pretty tall, so if yours starts to sprout higher, loosely fasten it to a stick of bamboo (many people use miniature plant clips to avoid damaging the plant).

Peace Lilies

We can tell you from experience that peace lilies are a lot tougher than they look. These beautiful powerhouses bloom indoors (they’re one of the few plants that will) and they devour volatile organic compounds that are built into many household cleaning products. It does well in low light and even helps humidify your air—but the leaves can be toxic to kids and pets.

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