3 Design Tips for Small Condos in Aspen
When you buy a condo in Aspen, you’re often looking at limited space to decorate and make it your own – but with these three condo design tips, you’ll be able to create a spectacular space you can’t wait to get back to.

3 Design Tips for Small Condos in Aspen

The best way to approach décor in your condo is to follow these guidelines:

  • Be realistic about your daily life
  • Give every room its own personality
  • Get the right-sized furniture

Be Realistic About Your Daily Life

When you’re decorating a small condo, it’s important to be realistic about the way you’ll use your home, whether it’s a vacation property or your year-round home. Start with your priorities – if you need a home office, you need to focus on carving out that space before you start decorating. Likewise, make sure you’re defining every part of your living space before you even bring in furniture.

Give Every Room Its Own Personality

There are two ways to look at this. If you want your space to appear larger, paint everything the same color and use continuous flooring throughout. If you’re not concerned about it looking larger, change things up by painting in various colors and patterns, and adding different flooring (even rugs). Even if you paint the entire condo the same color to create continuity, you can still define each room with its own décor, which is important so you don’t feel as if you’re living in a one-room studio.

Get the Right Sized Furniture

Large furniture doesn’t belong in your small condo. If your sofa, dining table or desk is too big, it’s going to impede traffic flow and overpower the space – and it’ll feel like you’re a full-sized adult living in a hobbit house. Make sure your furniture really fits in each room.

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