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There are many neighborhood choices, but many people are drawn to gated communities. Living in a gated community offers advantages that other neighborhoods do not offer.

Increased Security

A lot of people choose to purchase a home in a gated community due to the extra security that a gate provides. When a community is gated, vehicle access is restricted to a limited number of people who are allowed to be there. Some gated communities are manned by a security guard at the gate, while others require knowing a code in order to enter.

Lower Traffic

Unlike urban and suburban streets, the streets in gated communities typically do not have a lot of traffic. For many people, this is a tremendous benefit; there are no speeding vehicles (or even many vehicles at all) to worry about.

Steady Home Values

Gated communities are highly desirable, which can help keep home values high. In some cases, gated communities are managed by a homeowners association that maintains the grounds and manages rules that preserve homes’ values.

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