The kids are officially back in school—and that means you have a few months to get your home organized again before they are off for winter break.
But where do you start?

Clear Out the Closets

When you bought your kids’ school clothes for this year, did you remember to trim their previous wardrobes? What did they outgrow during the summer, and what more do you still need to buy for the winter?
When the closets are clean and organized, it’s a little easier to keep them that way then it is to start from scratch. (You can get 31 great closet hacks here.)

Set Up a Menu—and a Coffee Stop for Parents

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not: create a weekly menu, shop for all the ingredients on the weekend, and take a half-hour to pre-plan your meals for the next 7 days by portioning the right amounts of ingredients.
You’ll save time during the week, which allows you more freedom to handle everything else on your “To-Do” list.
While you’re at it, set up a “coffee stop.” Keep a pair of mugs out, and make the coffee easy to access so you can get it started when you’re on the go.

Square Away Your Mudroom or Entryway

Kids are notorious for walking in and dropping everything—but if you designate special spots for everyone’s shoes, coats, and bookbags, you’ll have less of a disaster on your hands during the pre-dinner hours.

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