How Celebrities Buy Homes in Aspen - Aspen Luxury Homes for Sale
When celebrities or top executives buy or sell an Aspen home, does it need to be the talk of the town?
Not at all.
So how do A-listers handle their real estate transactions?
The truth is, most of the luxury properties for sale in Aspen are purchased quietly and discreetly.

Off-Market Sales in Aspen

When someone wants to preserve his or her anonymity, off-market sales often take place. A homeowner can choose not to list a property in the MLS; some sellers choose to do this to remain anonymous, as well.
However, this is different from a “for sale by owner” scenario. People who choose to sell this way are typically represented by Aspen’s best Realtors(R). In many cases, this type of pocket listing is networked through agents and their lists of private, high-end buyers.

Keeping Buyers’ and Sellers’ Names Confidential

Since home purchases are public record, how does the transaction remain a secret?
Often, when a celebrity is trying to buy a new home, he or she forms a limited liability corporation, or LLC. A limited liability corporation affords the buyer privacy; it allows them to purchase the home in someone else’s name. An LLC can be formed quickly and discreetly — and sometimes just in before the purchase of the home.

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