How Long Does a Seller Have to Respond to Your Offer
When you find the home of your dreams for sale in Aspen, you’re going to be so excited. You’re going to make an offer and wait for the seller to respond.
Only you might wait, and wait… and wait.
So just how long does a seller have to respond to your offer? The answer might surprise you.

How Long Does a Seller Have to Respond to Your Offer?

Technically, a seller can wait as long as he or she wants to respond to your offer. Realistically, you can expect to hear back within a few days (or sooner, if a seller is really motivated or impressed by your offer).
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What Can You Do if a Seller Doesn’t Respond?
If you’re still waiting to hear from a seller after 48 hours, talk to your agent. She’ll call the seller’s agent and find out what the hold-up is, and whether you’re up against other offers. It can take longer for sellers to respond because they’re considering multiple offers. It can also take longer if the seller isn’t very motivated to sell, or if he or she is having second thoughts about the transaction.
Usually, a little bit of good communication goes a long way. Your agent will be in contact with the seller’s agent to help keep your transaction moving along.
If you still haven’t heard from the seller and you’re working on borrowed time, it may be a good idea to talk to your agent about seeing other homes that you may be interested in.

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