3 Quick Staging Tips You Can Use When Buyers Are On Their Way
When you’re selling your home, you might get buyers who stop by with very little advance notice. While you’re doing your best to keep your house clean and staged, what should you do when you’re in a pinch like this?
Here’s what you need to know.

3 Quick Staging Tips You Can Use When Buyers Are On Their Way

  • Tuck away bathroom “stuff”
  • Clear your kitchen countertops
  • Adjust the temperature

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Tuck away bathroom “stuff”

Head for the bathrooms and:

  • Put the toilet lids down
  • Empty the trash bins
  • Clear your toiletries off the counter

#2. Clear your kitchen countertops

Put away the mobile appliances on your kitchen countertops before buyers come in. Things like toasters and blenders belong in the cabinets so you can show buyers how much counter space you have.

#3. Adjust the temperature

Set your thermostat to about 70 degrees, no matter what season it is. It’s a pretty comfortable temperature for most people, and that way, people will feel more welcome (and want to stick around to check out each aspect of your home).
What About Regular Staging?
Talk to your real estate agent about staging your home before you list it. He or she might suggest that you hire a professional stager – or make suggestions that you can put into practice yourself without having to hire someone.
The bottom line is that homes that are staged sell 88 percent faster – and for 20 percent more money – than homes that aren’t staged. That means it’s definitely a worthwhile effort when you’re trying to sell your home.

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