5 Safety-Related Tasks You Need to Tackle Before ShowingsYou need to clean and stage before showings, but what about safety? Check out these five safety-related tasks you need to tackle before a home showing.

5 Safety-Related Tasks You Need to Tackle Before Showings

You read a lot about cleaning and staging your home before prospective buyers come to see it, but what should you do to keep your belongings and yourself safe? Check out these five safety-related tasks you should undertake before people come to see your home:

  1. Lock away valuables
  2. Remove bills and other documents
  3. Take your medications with you
  4. Lock windows and doors
  5. Remove personalized decor that contains pictures and names

Scroll down for a closer look at each.

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Showing Safety Task #1: Lock Away Valuables

If you have anything of particular value, such as jewelry or heirlooms, you should lock them away before people come to see your home. If these items are extremely valuable, you may even consider taking them with you when you leave. Some real estate agents even suggest that you remove valuables from your home entirely before you list it for sale; a safety deposit box at your bank may be the best place for your valuable items during this time.
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Showing Safety Task #2: Remove Bills and Other Sensitive Documents

Don’t leave bills and other documents with your name or personal information lying around. In addition to making your space appear cluttered, they can be picked up by an unscrupulous buyer, and you don’t want your personal information leaking out. Though most people who come to see your home are upstanding citizens, this helps you avoid any unnecessary risk.
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Showing Safety Task #3: Take Your Medications With You

You should always take prescription medications with you when you leave the house for showings. That’s true whether they’re narcotics or any other type of drug. There are several reasons for this, but among the most notable are potential theft and kids (some buyers bring their children to see homes, and the last thing you want is for and unsupervised child to accidentally ingest a potentially dangerous medication.
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Showing Safety Task #4: Lock Windows and Doors

Lock all your windows and doors before showing. If buyers or a buyer’s real estate agent want to open them, they can unlock them. Many real estate agents will also make one final sweep through the home to make sure that doors are locked and windows are closed before they leave, but it’s incredibly important that when you return home after a showing, you check all of the windows and doors to ensure that they are locked.
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Showing Safety Task #5: Remove Personalized Decor That Contains Pictures and Names

If you have personalized decor in your home, such as family photos or pictures of your children with their names on them, take them down before you list your house for sale. This is just one small measure to take to help maintain your family’s privacy.
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