3 Secrets to Getting Higher Offers

Thinking of selling your home in Aspen? Check out the three secrets to getting higher offers – they could end up putting more money in your pocket.

When you sell your home in Aspen, your REALTOR® will most likely talk to you about all the things you can do to bring in high offers – but if you want to get a head start on the game, this guide explains exactly what you need to do.

3 Secrets to Getting Higher Offers When You Sell Your Home in Aspen

Check out these three amazing secrets to getting higher offers when you sell your home in Aspen:

  1. Listen to your REALTOR on pricing
  2. Make all necessary repairs
  3. Sprinkle upgrades throughout your home

Here’s a closer look at each.

Secret #1 to Getting High Offers: Listen to Your REALTOR on Pricing

your real estate agent will carefully calculate how much your home is worth by comparing it to other, similar homes in the same area. For this comparison, your real estate agent will use homes that are currently on the market, homes that have recently sold and homes that were on the market but never sold. Known as a comparative market analysis, all this data and number-crunching tells your agent what buyers are most likely willing to pay for a home like yours on today’s market.
It’s really important that you listen to your real estate agent about home pricing. That’s because your agent understands the market as well as what buyers are willing to pay period if you price your home too high, it’s not going to sell; in fact, people who would ordinarily love to buy it won’t ever see it. That’s because people typically start their home searches online. Online, buyers can set their price parameters – and if your home is really worth $599,000 but you list it for $650,000, the buyers looking in the appropriate price range will never even see it.

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Secret #2 to Getting High Offers: Make All Necessary Repairs

Most buyers hire a home inspector after getting an accepted offer. The home inspector will walk through your home and examine all sorts of things, including its structure, its major systems and all the components that make it a functional home.
The inspector then gives an inspection report to the buyers. Buyers typically use this report to negotiate with sellers. For example, if the report says that all of the upstairs windows are in poor condition and need to be replaced, your buyers may ask you to replace them, come down on your asking price so they can replace them, or give them a credit so they can use money they would have spent on the home to replace the windows. However, if you go ahead and fix the windows before your buyers hire a home inspector, you won’t even open the door to negotiations in this way.
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Secret #3 to Getting High Offers: Sprinkle Upgrades Throughout Your Home

You should talk to your real estate agent before you make any major upgrades. However, if there are features that make your home look old, such as dated light fixtures, faucets or tile, or if you have excessive carpet throughout the home, it may be a good idea to fix things up a bit before you list it for sale.
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