What Does Motivated Seller Mean
When you’re buying a home for sale in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Snowmass or Woody Creek, you’ll encounter real estate listings that say “motivated seller.”
But what does motivated seller mean, and how can it benefit you as a buyer?

What Does “Motivated Seller” Mean?

A motivated seller is a seller who needs to sell the home quickly. (Not all sellers are in a rush to sell, but if you see that they’re motivated in the listing description, it’s a good indicator.)
In many cases, sellers are so motivated because:

  • The original owner died, and the sellers are heirs who just want to get rid of the home
  • The sellers are divorcing
  • The sellers are relocating for work or another reason
  • The home has been on the market for a while

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The listing description might not say that the seller is motivated, though – sometimes you can tell without that language. When a house is staged and move-in ready, and the listing photos were taken professionally, you can tell that the seller is interested in selling; he or she isn’t just putting the home on the market and seeing what type of offers come in.
When sellers are willing to negotiate, you know for sure that they’re motivated to sell.

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