7 Tips for Staging Your Primary Bedroom to Sell Your Home Fast
Staging is incredibly important if you’re thinking about selling a house in Aspen – and there’s a good chance that your Aspen REALTOR® has already talked to you about it. Staging lets you put your home’s “best foot” forward so it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.
And the primary bedroom is one of the most important spaces to stage.
Here’s what you need to know.

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom to Sell Your Home in Aspen

Staging your home can mean an increase in more than the number of offers you get – it can increase the price on those offers. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® conducted a study that showed staging can increase the dollar value of an offer between 1 percent and 5 percent. On a $500,000 home, you could bring in an additional $25,000 that you didn’t expect to get.
The primary bedroom is important because buyers are looking for cozy, relaxing spaces where they’ll enjoy spending time – especially right now, as people are continuing to work and teach children from home.
So where do you start?
These seven tips can get you on the right track to sell quickly (and at the right price).

  1. Go with a neutral color palette
  2. Remove all the clutter
  3. Lighten up on the furniture
  4. Add lamps
  5. Bring in a full-length mirror
  6. Invest in new bedding
  7. Add a live plant

Here’s a closer look at each.
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Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #1: Go with a neutral color palette

Buyers are looking for soothing, relaxing spaces, so bright accent walls are out and neutral colors are in. You may need to repaint your walls in light blue, soft green, a beige tone or a pale gray. You should talk to your REALTOR before you repaint, though – you may not need to make the investment. (And if you do, there’s a good chance she knows a local painter who can give you the best quote.)

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #2: Remove all the clutter

Clutter is the archnemesis of relaxation, so you don’t want buyers to see any of it while they’re touring your primary bedroom. Put away all your paperwork, pick up all your belongings and lighten up on the knickknacks on your dresser and bedside tables. You want your space to look like a luxury hotel suite, which you certainly won’t find cluttered.
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Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #3: Lighten up on the furniture

Keep things basic in the primary bedroom. You should have a bed, a dresser and bedside tables. If there’s a reading nook, a comfy chair will suffice. Don’t include any furniture that can make the space feel smaller or makes it tough to navigate.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #4: Add lamps

Put a pair of lamps on your bedside tables. They don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, but they should at least be from the same design era and style.
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Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #5: Bring in a full-length mirror

A full-length mirror serves two purposes. First, it reflects light, which makes the space appear larger. Second, it provides buyers with an “imagination springboard.” They can envision themselves getting ready for a big day, a comfortable day at home, or a great night of sleep with a mirror in place.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #6: Invest in new bedding

Dress up your bed with brand-new bedding. A fresh duvet cover, a skirt that covers the box spring and matching pillows can go a long way toward making buyers feel at home in your space.
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Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #7: Add a live plant

Place a small tree in an unused corner, put a flowering plant on your dresser or a leafy, green plant on the bedside table. The goal is to make buyers feel like the space is fresh and clean, and the best way to do that is to bring in the outdoors.

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