Got a Small Closet - Here's How to Make it Bigger
When you buy a home for sale in Aspen (or when you’re selling one) and you’re dealing with a tiny closet, use these hacks to get the most from it.

Got a Small Closet? Here’s How to Make it Bigger

If renovating your home isn’t in the cards, check out these tips:

  • Work on minimizing clutter
  • Put up a fresh coat of paint
  • Add a light fixture
  • Invest in organizers

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these tips.

Tiny Closet Tip #1. Work on minimizing clutter.

All your off-season clothes need to go so you don’t have to do battle with them each time you’re looking for your favorite top. That might mean investing in vacuum-sealed bags to stash under your bed or boxing things up and actually using your attic.

Tiny Closet Tip #2. Put up a fresh coat of paint.

Take everything out of your closet and paint the walls white. Bright spaces appear larger, so you won’t feel so claustrophobic when you’re foraging around looking for the right clothes.

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Tiny Closet Tip #3. Add a light fixture.

Brighten up your tiny closet with a light fixture. You don’t have to re-wire the house, either – you can get battery-powered LED fixtures and attach them to the ceiling. The light will bathe the space and make it appear larger – and you might even discover some unused space in the corners that you couldn’t see before.

Tiny Closet Tip #4. Invest in organizers.

Closet organizers can be a tremendous help. Building shelves and shoe racks will help you keep things neat as a pin, and when your tiny closet is neat, it’s a lot easier to fit more stuff inside.
Pro Tip: If you’re selling your home, you definitely need to do all four of these things. That way, buyers can get a good look at the space that’s available – and they won’t feel like it’s too tiny to house all their belongings.

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